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Farm Laborer

This position is open to individuals that want to become farmers in the future. The ideal candidate is someone who, at the end of a three year training period,  would have learned all the skills necessary to run their own vegetable/flower enterprise with 100 percent confidence. The hours will be from March through November, fulltime, and December through February part-time. Potential workers must be able to lift a maximum of 50 lbs., work in various weather conditions, and be in overall good health. The job involves planting, weeding, fertilizing, watering, pruning; harvesting vegetables, herbs, and flowers. This is a physically demanding job and requires someone who is highly motivated, has good stamina, is organized, personable, and willing to learn all aspects of farming. Record keeping and following food safety guidelines are required. This job is perfect for someone who is considering a career in agriculture.

Field Laborer Volunteers

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of people to run a farm, so we are always looking for volunteers to lend their helping hands out in the fields. Volunteers would assist with planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting vegetables and flowers. If interested, please contact mhfm@verizon.net. We would appreciate your help!

Market Salesperson

Our main season of vegetable production runs from May to November. During this time we need an energetic, motivated, smiling, happy, kind person to sell our products in the market on the farm. We need someone who likes talking with people about food, farming, health, vegetables, cooking, juicing, sustainability, the importance of organic and what it really means, and what makes Milk House Farm Market such a vital part of their community. If you like staying busy, being on your feet, talking with customers, challenging yourself to meet sales expectations, being outside, being clean, neat and organized, this is the job for you!  The market position is five days a week, always including one weekend day. We also have part-time and weekend positions available.

Animal Caretaker/Groundskeeper

We have over 800 chickens, 45 ducks, a pig, turkeys, and three cows. With that comes endless chores dedicated to their health and well being. This includes feeding, watering, collecting eggs, cleaning coops and barns, maintaining fences, pasture management, tending to sick or injured animals, record keeping and more. We are in need of one full-time person who loves working with animals and enjoys working outside regardless of the weather. Hours can be somewhat flexible but Saturdays are a must. Persons with allergies or asthma should not apply for this position. The grounds keeping part of this job includes mowing fields, keeping fence lines trimmed, fixing fences, and keeping insides and outsides of all outbuildings in good repair and tidy. The use of power tools, and basic plumbing/carpentry skills are required as well as painting and window cleaning skills. The ideal candidate is someone who wants to be a livestock farmer and would like to receive special training, over a three year period, that in the end would have them ready to run their own livestock enterprise. Previous experience with farm animals is a plus.

Employment Opportunities


Do you have a passion for sustainability and the local food movement? We will be looking for hard-working energetic folks to join the Milk House team starting in February 2024! We will be hiring for the following positions. Please respond with a cover letter and resume to mhfm@verizon.net