Milk House Eggs:

There are many health benefits of free-range eggs: At least two studies have found that free-range eggs are significantly higher in omega-3 fatty acids than eggs from birds raised in confinement.


The Girls:

We have over 800 laying hens of different breeds. This explains why some eggs are brown, blue, and speckled.


What they eat:

All the laying hens at the Milk House are given an all-natural, non-GMO vegetarian feed.



Difference between chicken and duck eggs:

Duck eggs have a slightly higher fat content and somewhat more cholesterol than chicken eggs. Duck eggs also have more albumen (the protein in the white) than chicken eggs, which gives them more structure when cooked. For this reason, many people prefer duck eggs for baking: the extra protein creates additional loft in cakes. The shells of duck eggs are thicker than those of chicken eggs and just a bit rubbery, which makes them harder to crack.