Available in the Market Now!

         Milk House Grown:


         Red Russian Kale                

         Tuscan Kale

         Curly Kale                          



         Lettuce Mix

         Red and Green Lettuce Heads

         Romaine Lettuce



​         Garlic Scapes

         Sugar Snap Peas

         Beets- Red, Golden and Chioggia






​         Dill


         Garlic Chives

         Green Beans

         Yellow Wax Beans

​         Potted Herbs for you to plant in your garden:

         Thyme, sage, Parsley, Sorrel, Catnip, and Lemon Balm

         Potted Calendula- edible flower


         Our own Tomato products: Sauce, Salsa, Ketchup, Sugar-Free

          Ketchup, Sundried Tomatoes, Sundried Hot Peppers.

         Eggs- Chicken and Duck eggs

         Chicken- Frozen (next Fresh available 4th of July Weekend)

         We offer wings, boneless/skinless breasts, legs, stock packs,

         whole birds, feet, liver, hearts, necks, and giblets.

         Frozen whole Muscovy Duck, feet, giblets, and necks.

         Frozen whole Turkeys, necks, wings, legs, and giblets.


         Flower Bar is Open! Make your own bouquets, pay by the     


From Other Farms:

   Solebury Orchards: Apple sauce, apple butter, apple           chips, and apple juice.

   Local Honey, beets, radish, cabbage, jams, yogurt, sauerkraut, turnips, squash blossoms, and kombucha from Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op.​​