Milk House has been raising poultry since 2006, even before we officially started our market in 2007. We have over 700 hens dedicated to making delicious, nutritious, pasture raised eggs. Milk House's signature dozen includes one "blue" egg from our Araucana breed of chickens. When you come to the farm you can see the chickens for yourself, as they are outside on pasture. Our eggs are our most popular product we raise.

In 2009 we started raising Cornish Cross Chickens for meat. We now sell them as whole birds, in addition to breasts, legs, wings, feet, livers, hearts, necks, and  stock packs for making broth.  These types of chickens are not raised in the winter, so we raise extra in the fall to have them available frozen in the the winter months.

Our Poultry Products

We believe that no part of the animals we process should be wasted. We do offer duck and chicken feet, livers/hearts, giblets, and necks as well. 

We will be offering FRESH Turkeys for Thanksgiving again this year. They will be available for pick up on November 21st and 22nd and require a reservation/deposit ahead of time. We will open up reservations on October 1, 2023. Please call or stop in if you would like more information or to reserve one. They, like all our poultry, are raised outside on pasture and given Non-GMO feed. 

Also in 2009, we started raising Muscovy Ducks for meat. They are known for their lean meat and full flavor. They are not super fatty or greasy like Peking. We raise them one time per year, available fresh in October or November, and freeze the rest for holiday sales.  We only sell whole duck, no cuts are available.