Charlie runs the show here at Milk House Farm. He is a husky, a breed known for its energy, stamina, thick fur, triangular ears and strength. Huskies are known to perform extremely well as sled dogs and farm mascots!


Zeus is a Husky-Collie mix who was adopted by the farm in April of 2017. He is the head of our "Meet and Greet Department" so don't be surprised if he greets you at your car with a big kiss. He loves kids and can't believe how much his life has changed since coming to the farm! Pure Freedom!


Hope has found her forever home here on our farm. She was adopted from Ross Mill Farm in Richboro, PA which is a sanctuary for homeless potbellied pigs from around the country.

Hope is a Vietnamese potbellied pig. She came to us in August 2014 and seems to love her new home. She is pretty shy but enjoys her habitat and all the veggies she can eat!

We are hoping to adopt another pig to join Hope at some point soon, so keep an eye out!

Animals at the Farm:



Joey the Alpaca came from Woods Edge farm in Stockton, New Jersey. His fluffy coat is sheared once a year. He's handsome, squishy, and you can visit him in his pen by the market in the winter. In the summer, he likes living with the ducks.