We have a small blackberry patch on the farm, but man is it loaded with berries this year! We will begin picking the week of July 23 and expect to have these beauties for 2 or 3 weeks only. Please call before coming specifically for blackberries, as again, we don't really grow that many.

We are picking cherry tomatoes, including the ever popular Sungolds every day now. But the big tomatoes are just starting to ripen. We are growing 63 varieties of tomatoes this year so keep checking back so you don't miss them!

Remember, we grow enough for you canners too!

Okra are starting to flower, and we are picking a few each day, but it won't be till the end of July that you see these heat loving guys around this year.

We are picking green bell peppers, jalapenos, cayennes, lunchbox (sweeties) and sweet frying peppers. Red, yellow, orange and purple peppers won't arrive on the scene for a few weeks yet as they need time to ripen.

Eggplant is slowing arriving from the fields now. We grow fairytale, finger, and Italian which will cover all the sizes for your grilling and baking dishes! We expect larger quantities over the next few weeks.